Together We Create a Special World!

About Who We Are

People are the core of Mahilashilpkalakendra foundation. Be it the Trustees who are the guardians of Mahilashilpkalakendra's ethos and members of its Managing Committee who steer the organization to its designated goals, or the employees and volunteers who use their commitment, time and skills to enable Mahilashilpkalakendra's work or our NGO partners, people who make extraordinary change possible through their work.

Striving hard with utmost dedication to achieve the goals set for itself, Mahilashilpkalakendra Foundation is blessed to have the ability to continually attract, retain and develop a cadre of talented, committed professionals who come from all walks of like and backgrounds. Chartered accountants, post-graduates in Social Work, communications professionals, bankers, HR specialists, salespeople, MBA-types, geeks, artists, writers, foodies from every ethnic, linguistic, religious and idealogical persuasion.

This diversity, coupled with an unrelenting commitment to building a culture of openness, transparency, accountability and democracy within the organisation is what makes Mahilashilpkalakendra. And the opportunities for personal and professional learning and growth are what attract and keep people in jobs that pay a fraction of their market value.


Mahilashilpkalakendra Foundation is governed by a leadership structure made up of two bodies, a Board of Trustees comprising of the all the members/trustees who have joined the Foundation till date and the Management Committee (comprising of the Founder Trustees) and the Executive. In principle, members of the Board serve in their individual capacity, and not as representatives of any organization or institution, to ensure complete independence in policy making. However, the role of the management committee is to provide direction and leadership to the organisation, evolve and implement strategy, create relevant organisational policy and efficiently run operations.